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Saturday, May 29, 2021  . . . When is the worst time to write your resume?  
    Answer:       When you need one.

Constructing a resume is a complex, difficult task.  So, many job seekers procrastinate until they find themselves forced to write their resume.  Then, faced with an unanticipated event  -- a layoff or an interview that pops up out of nowhere  --  they wind up drafting a resume in a panic at the 11th hour.  Under this pressure, they forget things or don’t say things quite right.  Pitted against their competition, their resume doesn’t measure up, and opportunities are lost.  
So, don’t put it off.  Here's how to begin:
1.  Just start writing.  Pick one job - any job - and recall highlights and write them down.  Do this for each position you've held.
2.  Gather documentation - Old resumes, job descriptions, performance appraisals,  . . . will help you recall career accomplishments.
3.  Fill out the skeleton of your resume begun in Step 1 with the information you've gained in Step 2.
Viola!  You have written your resume!
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Looking for a Job? . . . Then You're in Sales!

If you are looking for a new job, new role, expansion of your current role, or venturing off into a new independent contracting, consulting, or business role, you are in sales!   So, if you are carrying around a boat load of negative preconceptions about sales, selling, and sales people, get rid of them.  Because looking for a job is all about sales  –  selling yourself.  Understanding this is key to success and will move things along faster to a better quality result! 
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