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Friday  September 25, 2020  . . . Develop your Elevator Speech to reflect and support your goal.  It may surprise you to know that the most frequently delivered marketing tool is NOT your resume.  It’s your Elevator Speech! 
   The job of your Elevator Speech is to get and keep the conversation going.  Many opportunities are lost by job seekers who deliver rambling Elevator Speeches.  So, . . . Check your Elevator Speech
Does it tell the listener:
What you do = Profession
Your area(s) of expertise = Skills and Strengths
What you want to do = Future Job
Why they should listen to you = A compelling reason to hear you out
Your message in less than 30 seconds.  Time yourself to make sure.  Don’t wing it!  
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If you are looking for a job, you are in sales, and that’s the truth!  Looking for a job is all about sales, often referred to as “selling yourself.”
     What Does it Mean to “Sell Yourself?”  You hear this expression and advice all the time: “You really have to get out there and sell yourself.”  But what does that mean?  It can sound intimidating. 
     It's really not.  The term selling yourself simply means this:  Identifying and talking about the capabilities you possess that you can offer to a prospective employer to help them get their products and services to market, effectively and profitably.  If you are convincing in relaying your message, the employer sees value in what you bring to the table and considers hiring you.
     So, think about it.  What do you have to "sell" an employer on hiring you? 

◆❖◆    Experience
◆❖◆    Talents
◆❖◆    Career achievements
◆❖◆    Skills
◆❖◆    Attitudes
◆❖◆    Languages

◆❖◆      Connections
◆❖◆      Willingness to travel/relocate

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