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Wednesday, June 26, 2024  . . . Thinking about a new job, maybe your "Dream Job?"  Or, do you want to stay in the organization you're with, but grow into a new role or improve your current one?  Jobs Are Not Found Sitting at the Computer © can help!  My new book acquaints job seekers with my 4-step job-seeking process that will put you on the road to an improved or new position.  Searching for a new position is neither easy nor simple.  But Jobs Are Not Found Sitting at the Computer © helps simplify the complex and presents doable steps to find your next job.  It goes beyond much of the popular job search advice by telling you not only what to do but tells how to go about it with templates to produce the job-search tools you will need to achieve your goal.  Go to for a sneak peek!

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Do you ever wish you could learn what you need to know about how to find a job, in a fairly short period of time, and be on your way?   Then    "Jobs Are Not Found Sitting at the Computer"© is the book for you! 
The book provides a practical, straightforward approach that will guide you through the entire job search process in 4 steps.  It "shows you that process and gives you the roadmap you need to follow to achieve your goal."  Jobs Are Not..."  is available for purchase by going to

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