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Saturday  December 16, 2017. . . You've Got the Job . . . Now What?
You've landed your new job, and now you can just focus on your doing your new job.  Right?
The truth is you can never ensure that you will not be looking for a new job again.  There's NO insurance against job loss.  However, you can "take out insurance" against being totally unprepared should a great job opportunity cross your path, or, a job loss occur by following
these 10 Tips to Stay Marketable:
1.  Manage your own career. 
2.  Expect change.  And be prepared for it.
3.  Manage your External-Public-Professional-Profile.
4.  Manage your Internal-Company-Professional-Profile.
5.  Develop your Professional Portfolio.
6.  Update your resume quarterly!
7.  Update your Marketing Plan regularly.
8.  Weekly, note your activity & accomplishments.
9.  Develop your presentation skills.
10. Stay physically fit.

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This week's featured article:  Re-Focus & Re-Energize Your Job Search for Fall

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